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Science Connections is a multispecialty Medical and Research Center with several facilities in Florida, USA. We are committed in providing outstanding medical care, education, research opportunities, and services to all of the communities we serve.

Our professional team members are Board Certified Physicians, SOCRA certified coordinators, and experienced support staff; all of them are fully qualified by education, training and experience, either in the clinical field or research field. We also are focused on training and developing young investigators that will become the great minds of tomorrow’s research community.

Science Connections professional team have participated in several multispecialty clinical trials (Pain Management, Oncology, Respiratory, Neurology, Psychiatric, Renal, Cardiovascular, GI, and many other diseases)

Our professional team strives in improving the quality of life of our patients and by raising the bar and providing a high professional standard and ethics to all of our patients.

Science Connections research team is very familiar with the FDA, ICH and GCP guidelines. SC is in full compliance with the HIPAA privacy regulations.

Our professional team is always developing and implementing new effective strategies destined to enhance recruitment opportunities in our community.

The entire research team is 100% accountable and involved in the recruitment process and patient retention.

Our success has been in thanks to the hard work, commitment and the professionalism of our entire team.

We strongly believe that working together is essential to the advancement of research. The more we continue in that direction, the more investments we will make in life-changing medical care,

-Investigator’s Team Science Connections

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